what causes animals to have mutations?

preferably things that cause them to become albino



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    Mutations are caused by the translocation of genes, which means there is an error in the duplicating of genes. Genes are made up of certain codes called codons. In each codon, there are 3 DNA bases that tell the body what proteins to make to form the body. There are three types of translocation: substitution, deletion, and insertion. Substitution occurs when the wrong DNA base is put in the gene sequence. Deletion is when one is missing, and that in turn throws off all of the codons that come after it. Insertion occurs when an extra DNA base is inserted, and that also throws off all of the following codons.

    There are actually multiple gene mutations that can cause albinism. If you take a look at the second link below, it details the 8 types of albinism that can occur. They are classified by which gene the mutation occurs on.

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    I once caught a fish that had two mouths. I was fishing in Lake Michigan near the Zion Nuclear Power Plant. It was probably due to this plant that the fish was born with a mutation. 

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