What causes animals to behave the way they do?



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    The simplest answer is instinct. Animals, as far as we know, are only concerned with tending to needs that are necessary for survival such as eating, drinking, and reproducing. Humans are the only animals that can go beyond immediate needs and do things for pleasure. I suppose on a broader scale, these behaviors are evolved through the process of natural selection. For example, animals cannot survive if they are not driven to feed themselves; behaviors like this would be selected against.

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    Yes I agree with ghuang278 to a great extent, but there are animals apart from humans who indulge in some activities which are not at all necessary for the purpose which that instinct was meant for. For instance, sexual mating is a pro-creative act with almost all animals with the ecxception of man. However some animals like the Bonobo, a primate closely related to us does this for social reasons. It has been observed and recorded by scientists studying these anmals that it is almost a Greeting sort of act. At least a Mock mating is done irrespective of the sex of the group member. This bonds them more .So what I mean to say is Humans are not the only animals to go beyond what a particular act was designed by nature for.

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