What causes Alzheimer’s?



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    the actual cause of alzheimer’s is relatively unknown still. the favored explanation is it is caused by plaque and tangles within the brain that build up over time, striking elderly folk. there are drugs to treat the symptoms but once diagnosed it is only a matter of heartbreaking years until the diagnosed finally expires. the disease is a degenerative one causing lack of motor skills, communication, short term memory amongst other symptoms. it is a terrible one, and if you have a member of your family diagnosed i wish you the best, i’ve lost both grandmothers to this disease; one has passed and one is in the final stages as of now. 

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    Scientists do not know what causes Alzheimer’s disease.  According to the widely discussed and researched hypothesis, the “amyloid cascade hypothesis,” early-onset inherited Alzheimer’s causes an overproduction of a particular protein fragment in the brain, ABeta.  Some hypothesize that sporadic (uninherented) cases are caused by the inability of the brain to remove enough of this protein, rather than overproducing it. 

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