What causes acne?



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    Good question with an interesting answer.  The direct cause of acne is actually unknown.  What is known is that the skin pore collapses onto itself sealing in sebum (oil) and causing the visible ‘acne’.  The reason why acne occurs on certain ‘sebaceous glands’ and not others is the unknown.  Possible factors may include: diet, hormonal activity, stress, vitamin deficiency, etc…

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    Dermatologists believe there are four main causes of acne. First, oil glands that everyone has located deep within their skin can become overactive. The glands always produce oil, but in times of stress or increased hormone production, the amount of oil can increase. Second, pores that allow oil to reach the skin surface can become blocked. Skin cells can accumulate over a pore, not allowing the naturally occurring oil from the glands to be released properly. Third, normal bacteria on your skin can cause issues. The non-harmful bacteria that naturally occurs can grow in a blocked pore, resulting in skin irritation and inflammation. Lastly, inflammation can result in acne. Inflammation is a sign that you body is working to get rid of an invading substance, either bacteria or something that bacteria has produced.

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