What caused the deaths of thousands of birds in the US recently?



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    In Arkansas, probably fireworks.

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    Fireworks are one explanation for the mysterious bird deaths in Arkansas. Another theory is that the birds were caught in a “violent and unusual storm” (guardian.co.uk). Bird experts claim that there are several other reasons that could explain the mass deaths, including: disease, starvation, pesticide, storms, human disturbances, and many other possible reasons. In Louisiana, it is thought that some of the birds may have flown into a power line.

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    the recent bird deaths are part of a much larger picture. since the deaths of animals have been around the entire world, looking at a localized problem does not answer the big picture. our planet has been experiencing increasing magnetic disturbances.  for further proof, one can check out scientific info on “pole wander” which show a change/shift in our pole greater than the norm. one example is the closing of tampa fl runway due to navigational problems

    animal are sensitive to magnetic disturbances, and birds use this as a tool for navigation. of interest is our military doing research (see haarp) by bombarding our atmosphere/ionosphere with frankenresearch.  floods, massive storms, quakes, deaths–more to come. 

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