What is cat food made from?



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    A lot of different things. Usually in large part ground chicken, which may or may not contain bits of bone or skin, and it often includes corn as a filler. The link below has a detailed explanation of all the different ingredients that you can typically find in catfood, which is too long to post here.

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    Poultry By-Product Meal: Usually chicken and or chicken scraps including but not limited to entrails, heads, feet even feathers.
    Brewers Rice: dry extracted residue of rice as a result of beer or wort manufacturing.
    Corn Gluten Meal: dried extract/reside of corn after the removal of the larger part of starch and germ
    Wheat Flour: flour mixed with particles of what flour and wheat germ.
    Beef Tallow: Tissues of cow rendered from “processing the cow”
    Vitamin A and or E: preservative

    this list is a basic example of general cat foods, ingredients may vary from product to product.

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    Cat food is made from a variety of vegetables and meat. Turkey, chicken, beef, pork and fish are commonly found in cat food. Vegetables and grains are also added into the food.

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