What is cat litter made of?



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    This varies, from clay to silica gel.  There are some types that are biodegradable, and others that are not.  One great brand is World’s Best Cat Litter, which is completely biodegradable, and it really doesn’t need to be changed all that often, so less is used!

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    A surprising number of different things.  The main component in kitty litter is clay, for its absorbent properties.  There can also be yellow pine, corn kernels, wheat kernels, red wheat straw grasses, red cedar chips, recycled newspaper, citrus peel and silica gel.  For odor control, baking soda or frangrances might be added.

    Although clay is the original, most of the other varieties can be biodegradable, chemical-free and/or compostable, while clay is not, so it seems to be the least eco-friendly way to go.

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    There are many different types of cat litter, and many different possible materials.  It is possible to simply use sand, though research and development has wielded us more advanced cat litters.  The main property that is sought after when developing cat litter is its capacity of absorption.  As far as non-clumping cat litter goes, zeolite, diatomite, and sepiolite are all commonly used.  These materials are rocks and minerals.  There are some claims that materials used to make clumping cat litter are dangerous to the health of either kittens, cats, or even humans, but there isn’t any scientific proof that such is the case.  Biodegradable options include wood pellets, newspaper, sawdust, barley, or dried orange peels, though I imagine these materials don’t have the scent masking capabilities that store bought cat litter has. 

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