What is carbon sequestration?



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    Carbon sequestration is the practice of taking carbon out of the atmosphere and “sequestering” it away with the intention of lowering the carbon concentration in the air.  This can be done by terrestrial carbon sequestration or through carbon capture and sequestration.  Terrestrial sequestration just means that plants and trees absorb carbon.  Carbon capture and sequestration involves capturing carbon (directly from powerplants or straight from the air, both technologies have been created) and then sequestering it deep under the ocean or in mineral compounds in the earth. 

    The reason this is so exciting is that even if the world made a total switch to completely clean energy, there’s a good chance that the carbon concentration in the air is already higher than it should be.  This practice would reduce the level.  The problems include how exactly to sequester the CO2 and if it could be permanent, because a leak could be disastrous.

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