What is a carbon footprint?



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    A carbon footprint is a representation of your impact on the environment and its natural resources. By measuring the amount of energy you use in your daily life, a carbon footprint shows you the ecological effect of your activities. These activities include your food consumption, transportation, heating costs, and recreation. If you measure your carbon footprint (using the link below), you can also receive advice on how to lessen your negative impact on the environment.

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    This has been a common topic of conversation at Green Answers, find out more about carbon footprint from discussions here

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    A carbon footprint tracks the amount of carbon dioxide produced by your way of life. It accounts (as best it can) for not only direct emissions (burning gas on your drive to work) but also secondary costs (like the gas burnt hauling the lumber used to build the house you bought). However, it does not take into account carbon-neutral resource usage, so if you litter or pollute or use an inordinate amount of water, these things aren’t calculated in your footprint.

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