What is the carbon footprint of pet ownership?



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    This greatly depends on the type of pet (goldfish vs Mastiff dog — the biggest dog in the world).  Also, how you feed your pet and take care of it also affects the carbon footprint.  While organic pet food may be more (alot, sometimes) expensive, I think that it is well worth it, not only for the health of the planet but also for the health of my pet.  The type of pet maintenance, such as cat litter and medicines also affects the carbon footprint; as well as the overall health of the pet (whether s/he needs extensive treatments, etc…).  Much like the maintenance and diet of a human, but in a smaller way, depending on the size of the animal. 

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    Hey guys! Streckeisen offered an awesome answer, but check out the GA blog on pets too for some other related questions!


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