What is the carbon footprint of an average outdoor concert?



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    Difficult to say, especially since reports are only submitted and estimates made for the really large ones.  One of U2’s concerts at Scott Stadium in Charlottesville produced an estimated 457.2 tons.  The much-critiqued Live Earth concerts produced an estimated 31,500 tons of CO2 over the length of the concerts, and when you added in television viewing it increased to 74,500 (these numbers coming from John Buckley at carbonfootprint.com).  There were 9 concerts, so you could divide that first number by 9, but it’s also not an “average” outdoor concert by any means.  But once you take into account traveling to the concert venue (the band and fans alike), the electricity, the waste produced, you do have many tons of CO2 being emitted as a result.  The average concert is probably less than U2’s 457.2 tons but less than that is still not good.

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