What car in GM’s fleet can compete with the Prius?



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    The two most fuel efficient cars GM made in 2009 were the Pontiac G5 Coupe XFE and the Chevy Cobalt XFE which each get an average of 37 mpg compared to the Toyota Prius’s ~50 mpg, so they can’t compete on mileage alone. The two GM models are 5-7,000 dollars less expensive than a Toyota Prius so some people would consider them competitive on a fuel efficiency per price standard. 

    If GM launches the Chevy Volt on time (in fall of next year) it will effectively compete with the Prius on fuel efficiency. The Chevy Volt is a plug-in hybrid that can, supposedly, drive up to 40 miles before it begins burning gasoline at all. If the electricity used to charge the car comes from renewable energy sources this will give it an effectively infinite MPG rating for commutes of 40 miles or less, and high, by not yet specified, MPG ratings once it has to start burning gasoline.

    Of course the Chevy Volt will be ~$10,000 more expensive than a Prius.

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