what car fuels are there



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    There are some innovative and truly bizarre ways to fuel cars. (Note: all of these fuels require modification to your cars engine. Do not try to put them in your gas tank.)

    Soy beans and French Fries- Soy, animal fats and vegetable oil can all be used to make clean diesel fuel. The modifications for a diesel engine to run on these products is minimal and totally realistic. 

    Corn- Ethanol is a corn derived product that can be found in virtually all gasoline and some cars run on up to 85% ethanol. 

    Hemp- That’s right, weed powered cars. The hemp plant contains seeds that, when fermented, react in the same way that corn does to create ethanol. 

    Algae- This slimy green ocean material is being perfected as a viable fuel source for automobiles. Algae is easily grown by man and grows quickly without much effort.

    There are hundreds of ideas out there for what could be the next real viable option to fuel our cars. Some of the crazier ones may be more viable than we think.  

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