What car company has the highest fleet wide MPG?



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    As the maker of electric domestic passenger cars, Tesla has the highest fleetwide mpg at 244 as of the year 2010.

    Toyota domestic passenger cars average 36.4 mpg, while their imported passenger cars average 45.7 mpg–the highest when excluding all-electric vehicles. Kia’s imported cars average 36.9 mpg, and Honda’s domestic cars average this figure also, making Honda the company with the highest domestic car average mpg. Hyundai is also up there with an average fuel economy for imports at 35.8 mpg. Check out the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) Performance Report below for more stats.

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    I just wanted to add to dara010’s answer. 

    To clarify, Tesla Motors only produces electric vehicles, which technically don’t have an MPG rating, as there is no gallons of gasoline being used.  A useful comparison that I found showed the cost to drive 30 miles.  This is much more variable for gas-powered vehicles, as gas prices fluctuate at a much greater rate than electricity prices.

    2007 Toyota Camry: $2.83 to drive 30 miles

    2009 Tesla Roadster: 66 cents to drive 30 miles.

    Another useful fact is that the EPA estimates that one gallon of gas provides the energy equivalent to 82.049 kilowatt hours.

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