What is a capybara?



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    The capybara is the largest rodent in the world. They are found in Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, the Guyanas and Peru, south through Brazil, Paraguay, northeast Argentina, and Uruguay. They are social creatures whos diets are mostly vegetarian. They have a stable status as a species and are fairly common animals.

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    Capybaras are the largest species of rodents. They are about two feet tall, have webbed feet, and coarse, shaggy brown hair. They are native to Central and South America and live near the water. Capybaras eat water plants and grasses and use the water as protection. They can stay underwater for five minutes and, like a hippo or crocodile, can poke their head up to reveal their eyes, ears, and nose. Capybaras live in groups of 30 and the females take care of one another’s young. They watch out for jaguars, ocelots, caimans, and anacondas. Here is a picture. I personally think they are adorable and was happy to come across your question!

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