what is the capacity of hydro power production in india ?



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    While India has the ability to harness large amounts of energy through various different renewable energy resources, currently the output of hydro power production is 34,131 MW (24.8%). The Indian government is working hard to increase hydro power in the country in order for power to reach some of the poorest people in the country, but it is taking time. The infrastructure is not currently in place to speed up the process and there are people who protest the creation of dams to produce hydro power. As with any new project, it will take time for India to fully utilize the resources it has. However, the want, potential and need are all there. It is just a matter of being patient and working towards a renewable energy goal that is beneficial to all the people of India. This is especially the case in light of the rush to complete The Three Gorges dam in China, which has come under the stress of time constraints and has lots of problems because of it.

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