What is the cap and trade measure adopted by New Mexico?



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    New Mexico’s newly adopted program, theoretically scheduled to start in 2012, will affect around 63 large industrial sources in the state. Each of these sources would have to reduce its emissions by two percent every year until 2020 (if they fail to, they must purchase emissions credits from other participants). At the moment, however, it appears that these measures may be reversed under the leadership of a new Republican governor, Susana Martinez. 

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    In November 2010, New Mexico’s environmental panel adopted a new cap and trade program. New Mexico’s program aims to regulate emissions from 63 identified sources. However, the program will not go into effect unless other US states or Canadian provinces adopt similarly structured programs to eliminate carbon emissions. In another setback, the newly-inaugurated governor, Susana Martinez, eliminated the panel and stopped the cap and trade program in one of her first moves in office.

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