What is Canada doing to become more eco friendly?



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    Canada is taking several steps to improve the environment. For instance, roads and streets that are deemed unnecessary are being transformed into “green” spaces. Certain communities have created initiatives to plant more trees and build back-alley gardens. In addition, Canada has implemented new regulations on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 

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    Canada has a Grants program given to businesses and certain individuals who are looking to do something eco-friendly or want to lessen your carbon footprint.  The ecoENERGY organization had a program where if a company installed energy-efficient products, the federal government would subsidize the equivalent of one cent per every kWh that is used and the savings can be used up to 10 years. Companies that want to use wind power were eligible for these grants which helps the environment and keeps the businesses energy costs down. Local governments were giving some low income households that were eligible for upgrades for their windows or insulation. Though registration is closed, there are still 300,000 eligible applicants that completed an audit and can receive $8,750 for installing a NextEnergy geothermal system. Companies like NextEnergy also benefit from the government-subsidized sales.

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