what can we tell from the light from stars?



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    Brighter lights might mean that the stars are closer to earth.  If a star is closer, it will seem brighter.  Some people also enjoy astronomy and find constellations in the sky.  Most of these are attributed to Greek gods and goddesses.

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    You can also tell the age, size, temperature and chemical composition of a star from its color and brightness.  Astronomers use a Hertzsprung-Russell (H-R) diagram to determine facts about stars from the properties they observe through telescopes.

    Example of an H-R diagram:

    If the light of a star wiggles side to side, we can also tell that there is a planet or other non-stellar object orbiting that star.


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    We can tell several things such as their size, age, brightness, and temperature.  Based on all of these factors, the stars can be easily categorized as detailed above.  Looking at the H-R diagram, you will also notice a pattern stars follow throughout their lifetimes, starting out bright and small until they expand, cool, and condense into white dwarves.  From their light, we get the majority of information about a star. 

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