What can we do to try and get people to eat less food?



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    Well, we can’t make them do anything they don’t want to. If they want to eat more food than they should, they’re gonna. If we start making laws or restrictions or a special fat tax, we start to venture into Orwellian problems of “big brother.” I think that, on the whole, people are beginning to be more health conscious and eat less, due in part to number of healthy eating tips we see now in magazines, on TV, and even billboard ads. It’s really only a matter of time as each generation begins to be a little more green. 

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    I think we can do this by changing the culture and nature of the media. We can not allow the media to control our lives and must change the way by which we are influenced. Additionally, we must get companies to change the components of their food. For instance, Big Macs have an addicting substance that can “force” us to eat more of it. We must get them to change. 

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    One way to have people eat more moderately is to raise the price of food to reflect the true amount of energy or fuel it takes to make and the environmental damage that producing it causes.  We could also push the government to support fruit and vegetable crops the way it supports and subsidizes grains and corn.  This would allow local, fresh foods to thrive. 

    Health problems like obesity and diabetes are expensive, so reminding people that paying more for healthier food is less expensive in the long run is important.  In considering full-cost pricing, however, it’s important to make sure that children, the elderly and the poor still have access to inexpensive, healthy food.

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    It really depends on what you are eating.  If you are eating at a fast food restaurant 3 times a day 7 days a week, you need to change your diet. Eating a lot of fruits and vegetables isn’t harmful — it’s all about moderation.  Crash diets have a negative impact on the body because the your system responds as if you are starving and actually stores more fat. People can watch what they eat, have a little ice cream, and still maintain a healthy weight.  

    For the overall health of America, I think what really needs to change is to have organic, healthy food become more affordable.  If a family only has $4.00 to spend, they aren’t going to by a couple apples and some lettuce, they are going to get some cheeseburgers at McDonald’s.  Yes foods like hamburgers are addictive, but more people would choose a healthier option if it were economically viable.   

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    I’m not so sure eating less food is the answer.  Perhaps changing what people eat could help.  If people ate less meat and dairy, it could change the entire world and whether or not people experience hunger.

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