what can we do to stop poaching



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    Tricky question. Most places have poaching laws, but the inherent problem with that is poaching is an international problem, and laws vary from country to country with further variance in how effectively they’re enforced. Poaching laws in the US change from state to state, but for the most part they are pretty strict, and have gotten stricter in the past couple of decades. Apart from wide sweeping international sanction, with all it’s ethical and cultural problems, the best thing to stop poaching on a worldwide level is to decrease the demand for the exotic furs, scales, horns etc of endangered animals. If people find these products in bad taste, poaching will decrease as there wont be much of a market for them anymore.

    I guess time and education is the best known remedy, coupled with efforts to conserve these species. The only problem is that many of these animals wont have the time it would take to quell poaching.

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    You can start a petition to bring awareness to the issue of poaching, and how it has affected certain areas around the world. You can also ask around locally if your area is doing anything about poaching issues. For example, in Montana there is a TIP-MONT program where people can call in anyone they suspect may be hunting illegally.

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    Another important thing to consider when handling poaching issues is to look at why the act of poaching stil exists. On the one hand, there is a market for products that are collected through poaching. That of course would need to be addressed by proper education (as mentioned above). On the other hand, a number of poachers do so because it is their livelihood and source of income. A program in Zambia has sought to address the latter by helping poachers find new ways of making a living. They have set up a system that provides incentives for opting out of poaching. Using the carrot-and-stick method, conservationists have tried to work with the poachers as opposed to working against them. Of course enforcement is always an issue with these sorts of programs, but any positive step is a step in the right direction.

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    Do what you can to help lobbyist groups involved in this issue, like the “Stop Rhino Poaching Now” group. There are also some petitions in the works on this Petition Site for anti-poaching.

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