what can we do to stop the poaching of rhinos?




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    Due to the demand for their horns’ supposed medicinal benefits, many rhinoceros are being poached and killed by well-organized and well-equipped recruits. For now, there is not much we can do; the wildlife service has imposed a twenty-four hour surveillance on Kenya’s 600-plus rhinos in hopes of curb poaching, but with poachers working as efficiently as they are, and with the demand for rhino’s horns from China, it may be difficult.

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    The International Rhino Foundation (IRF) has conservation programs set up to help with protecting wild rhinoceros. The foundation operates programs for rhinos in the wild and also in captivity.

    You can donate to the IRF and help with rhinoceros conservation efforts by following this link: http://www.rhinos-irf.org/support/

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    The poaching of rhinos today appears to be caused by three main factors: 1. Increased demand from East Asian countries for rhino horn because it supposedly increases virility or cures cancer. 2. Increasingly organized crime syndicates using high-tech equipment which take advantage of decreased security on private lands. 3. Laws which outlaw trading in rhino horn yet allow people to hunt rhinos in certain areas, which encourage the crime syndicates above to find ways around them.

    Because of this, a multi-pronged solution is necessary to stop rhino poaching. These solutions include, but are not limited to: 1. Greater public education in East Asian countries to show that rhino horn has no special powers and is made up of the same material as fingernails. 2. Better cooperation between national parks, game parks, and the government in order to track down these syndicates and increase security. 3. Larger fines and better enforcement of (and possibly changes to) existing laws.

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    The World Wildlife Fund–in partnership with government agencies in India, Africa, and Indonesia–has many Rhino protection projects underway. They have worked for many decades to call for awareness and policy development. Donations make their work possible, and they offer ways to take direct action. See this link for further details: 

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