what can we do to stop the poaching of rhinos in SA



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    The war being waged against rhino poaching in South Africa is an expensive one. The poachers are constantly buying more expensive equiptment (they currently use helicopters, fly at night, use night vision equiptment, tranquilizers, and rifles with silencers to avoid getting caught), and the crime syndicates that fund the poaching are powerful and very rich. South African officials are still fighting against them, however, so far this year they have killed at least five poachers and arrested seven more. If you want to help protect rhinos, you should consider donating to the WWF’s rhino fund.

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    A large increase in rhino poaching last year has caused a lethal crackdown in South Africa. So far this year, nine poachers have been shot and killed, though a park chief executive claims the rangers only fire on poachers in self-defense. Still, training and patrols have been stepped up vigorously and it is expected that army troops will be joining anti-poaching operations later this year. In Kenya, rangers actively use paramilitary training techniques to hunt down poachers, killing five last November.

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    There is a huge movement going on fighting against rhino poaching in South Africa. 

    Here is one link to a petition you can join and sign if you are interested in getting involved http://www.stoprhinopoaching.com/register.aspx

    The South African government has made a huge crackdown on rhino poaching and has actually killed some poachers in the act. The government has made it much more difficult for poachers to kill rhinos and it seems to be working! 


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