What can we do to restore earth?



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    To restore the Earth everyone is going to need to commit to changing lifestyles. This is a difficult question but here are some of my thoughts on it.

    First off we can stop draining the planet of all its natural resources. Then finding solutions on how to preserve natural areas along with planning and growing new ones. This also includes planning new communities in sustainable ways to accommodate the population growth. Alternative energies will be a huge factor. Animal production for food, including hunting, poaching and any other animal industry would need to end allowing nature to take its course.

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    CONSUME LESS: less material goods, less energy intensive foods, less traveling, less plastic, have less children, buy a smaller house, etc.

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    Educate ourselves and others. It is important to stay informed as science makes new developments that allow us to limit our impact on the environment and to pass knowledge on to those around us, especially to encourage sustainable habits in children so that they will grow up knowing the importance of being responsible to the environment.

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    There is so much that needs to be done to restore the earth and its natural resources such as air, soil, and water. Energy is something that almost everyone uses or depends on in modern society. Without some form of energy our modern civilization would look much different than it does today. Energy is something that can be created in a environmentally friendly way through the use of wind turbines, solar panels, geothermal plants, biomass plants, tidal energy plants, and more renewable sources. I believe that much more money and research needs to go into the development of these resources. Waiting to create these facilities only puts more pressure on the earth’s resources and creates more pollution. These facilities can create clean energy and green jobs and more need to be constructed immediately.

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