What can we do to reduce the nationwide car emissions?



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    The cheapest thing you can do to reduce car emissions is to just walk or ride your bike. Biking is great exercise and buying a new bike is much cheaper than investing thousands in a hybrid or electric car. Driving wisely is also an important factor, even if you drive an old gas guzzler. Driving over 60 on the freeways and over 30 in town uses more gas than it’s worth, and simply letting your foot off the gas when you see a red light ahead will mean you have to stop less, reducing overall emissions.

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    Technology and fuel efficiency can only take you to a certain distance. People need to change their ways of thinking to get any measurable change. Since manufacturing new cars produces much more carbon than the amount saved by the cars themselves, I would not consider buying a new car a real option to reduce emissions significantly. People have to get used to not driving, especially if the distance is easily walkable.

    Also it would be about time to realize that sharing, rather than owning, is a much better way of living. And by sharing I mean, cars, buses, trains, trams, bikes all sorts of transportation devices; this would greatly lower the emissions. The best way to reduce car emissions is to reduce the amount of cars on the roads, anything other than that doesn’t have a measurable impact.

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