What can we do to push forward the green movement?



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    There are simple things we can all be doing to have a greener lifestyle.
    Recycle and buy recycled products
    Carpool whenever possible
    BYOB- Bring Your Own Bottle or Bag
    Contact Local Legislators about environmental changes you would like to see done in your town
    Start a Compost Pile
    Buy organic products or toxic free products (not to mention buy locally)
    Donate unwanted items instead of trashing them-one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
    Reuse as often as possible.
    Tell all your friends about the choices they would be making.

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    You can help the green movement by supporting it in various ways:
    -Post on a green blog or website.
    -Talk to a friend.
    -Walk the talk.
    -Purchase green/organic/local products to help create a larger demand for them.
    -Purchase Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) to create a demand for green energy.
    -Attend a rally or conference.

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    There are a myriad of things, as you can see.  Changing you diet, and changing your lifetsyle at home by saving electricity and saving water are a great deal. And promoting the cause to others so that they can be better educated and start taking actions in their life.


    I think it is also important to not make environmentalism a political issue, and not to feel superior when making green acts over those who dont. It needs to be non political and inclusive in order to succeed.

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