What can we do with old shipping pallets?



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    If you mean the wooden ones, there are artistic as well as practical ways to recycle them. I found a cool article on it that mentions IFCO Pallet Recycling for all of the U.S.

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    Shipping pallets can be used to build emergency shelters in places affected by environmental disasters and climate change.  A 16 x 16 shelter can be made with 100 pallets.  These quick, easy and cheap shelters will be very valuable in the near future as more people become displaced due to desertification, flooding, sea level rise and many other climate change induced problems.

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    This may sound a bit crude, but I have borrowed a few pallets from corporations in the past for a source of fire wood. They are a bit tough to break apart, but will do for a nice bonfire (in an area of low fire risk of course). 

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