What can we do to make sure we don’t do any testing on animals?



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    The first thing to do is to go through your house and make sure the products you frequently buy are not tested on animals.  You can do this by researching the company, or even calling them to ask how they determine their products are safe for human use.  If you find out a product is tested on animals, don’t buy it again.  The next step is to get involved with campaigns to stop animal testing like those mentioned on stopanimaltests.com, and to tell your friends and family that you’re getting involved, and why it’s important to you companies not test on animals.  As a group you can put pressure on companies to let them know that you will boycott them until they stop testing on animals, and spread the word that certain companies have cruel practices so others will do the same.  You can also contact your local legislator if there’s a company testing on animals near you, and see if you can get the practice banned.  Good luck!

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