What can we do to make banking better for the environment?



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    I would say that making banking more automated and easier to conduct online would be better for the environment. I go into bank branches every week and get receipts for my transaction, which is wasteful if I don’t need one. Also, banks spring up everywhere for convenience but there are certainly many resources to build branches and ATMs everywhere. If banks were able to trim hours and also have less branches, it would take less resources and be a little better for the environment but I’m not sure that people are prepared to get rid of the convenience.

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    One major way that banks have been trying to help the environment is by encouraging their customers to receive statements and correspondence via email rather than on paper. Citizen’s Bank estimates that by receiving electronic statements, the average US household could:
    * Reduce greenhouse gas emissions – equivalent to 176 miles of driving
    * Reduce paper consumption by 6 pounds
    * Save 4.5 gallons of gasoline
    * Save 63 gallons of water

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