what can we do to help save the environment??



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    I’m not sure if you are referring to “we” as a species or “we” as an individual (or indeed if there is a significant difference), but in either case I think the answer is an ambiguous “absolutely loads”. We as individuals can do so much, ranging from small things like recycling, composting, turning off the tap when brushing your teeth, not using plastic bags, and buying locally produced groceries to the larger scale stuff like letting gas mileage and fuel emissions be the primary determinant in buying a new car, installing solar panels, planting a vegetable garden in your backyard – the list is endless. I would also add being well-informed and active in environmental causes – anything ranging from the hands-on planting trees at your local park (with permission!) to the equally helpful donation to your favourite environmental organization or cause.

    Much of what we can do as individuals, when aggregated, becomes what we should do as a species or society. Additionally, I would add making realistic (read: useful) goals regarding curbing our dependency on traditional fuel sources in tandem with making real commitments to lower our carbon emissions, introducing fiscal incentives and penalties for environmentally friendly business practices (or the lack thereof), and making investment in science, from the primary school to the university level, a priority.

    There is an absolute cornucopia of information on this topic, both here at Green Answers and on the Internet generally. Here are some good recent Green Answers questions:

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    And from the internet at large:

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    Ultimately I think if everyone made little changes in their daily lives, it would result in the largest impact.

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    This question is so broad.  hovers gives a great general answer that requires more research, but my favorite advice for people starting at the beginning is to remember where they are in the process.

    Going green is a lifestyle change and a difficult transition to make all at once.  Here are some easy tips for those just starting out that can give you a taste of what living green is like:

    -Eat seasonal, local food.  This reduces your carbon footprint, is healthier, tastier, and supports your local economy.

    -RECYCLE! This seems basic, but actually getting the hang of recycling everything that needs to be recycled is difficult.

    -Try to purchase more environmentally friendly products for daily living.

    -Try to conserve energy in your every day life.  Turn off the light when you leave you the room.  Turn off the water while you’re brushing your teeth.


    Once you’re comfortable with those simple steps, then it might be time to think bigger.  Don’t get overwhelmed – this stuff isn’t easy!

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