What can we do to help pet homelessness?



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    If you have a pet make sure that they are spayed or neutered. So many pets are abandon because they were unexpected or wild. If you are looking to add a pet to your family look at pet shelters and humane societies. By working with or donating to these organizations you are helping to create larger no kill shelters and helping to provide clinics with enough money to have smaller or no fees for spaying and neutering. 

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    Personal responsibility is a huge part of helping reduce pet homelessness. Many people get pets who can’t afford/take care of them.  Others come across hard times and feel they can no longer keep their pet.  In this situation, the pets cannot be abandoned on the streets — you can give your pet to a shelter, or to a friend/family member.  

    Not everyone can be responsible with their pets, so it’s important to donate to shelters, specifically ones that are no kill.  This will greatly help the effort to fight pet homelessness. 

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