What can we do to help our farmers use less water?



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    We, as individuals, do not have much power over how much water farmers choose to use. However, we can try to educate them on the benefits of using less water, as well as educate them to the different types of water saving practices. Some benefits include saving money, less agricultural runoff (agricultural runoff can be bad for the environment), and more water for rivers and streams (good for the environment).

    Additionally, we can work with our legislators to create laws which impact the amount of water which farmers receive, which would force farmers to use less water.

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    A giant first step would be to eliminate watrer lost from the delivery/distribution system  Waterproof liners for the delivery ditches could reduce loss from leakage by up to 50% of the water entering the system.

    Laws restricting water availability would result in less irrigated crop productioon.  Raising the cost of water will encourage conservation and allow farmers to choose how they will use it,

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