What can we do to help nuclear power be better for the environment?



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    France is doing a great job running their nuclear program. Although they have had some programs recently with exporting the little remaining waste, they still produce little nuclear waste. This is because they recycle almost all of the nuclear power until it is a very small amount. This allows them to produce massive amounts of electricity and help the environment. 

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    While nuclear power is virtually the only viable non-carbon emitting source available to us now in quantities large enough to sustain our entire power supply (unlike solar and wind, for instance), it does present a major problem: nuclear waste.  We currently have no way to dispose of nuclear waste, and its radioactive nature makes it extremely dangerous to humans and the environment.  Currently, the U.S. has 72,000 tons of radioactive waste in storage.  If an earthquake or tsunami (such as those that recently struck Japan) were to damage containment units, we would have a major environmental disaster on our hands.  Figuring out a safer way to store or dispose of this waste would be the best thing we could do to make nuclear power better for the environment. 

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