what can we do to help clean up the oil spill and stop it?

i need it for a project to find out a lot of examples to stop the oil spill or stop it from turning into a huge disasters from a citizens viewpoint as well as the buisnesses….



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    A friend of mine at UMass helped develop this iPhone application called MoGO to help wildlife in the oil spill. It allows users to take a picture of any animal they find that’s been hurt by the oil spill and send its location and picture to different animal rescue networks. Here’s the link to iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/app/mogo/id377092666?mt=8

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    I think the best thing to do is use your political power and influence. Yes, the oil spill is devastating and we need to devote all of our resources to cleaning up the spill. However, you can not simply just stop drilling. In order to develop an effective way to transition in clean and alternative energy sources, you need oil to develop these new technologies. I would lobby your local, state, and federal politicians to do something and increase community awareness on the issue. 

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