What can we do to better healthcare for everyone including the environment?



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    There is much debate on what can be done to improve healthcare, as you know. As it specifically relates to the environment, I suggest checking out http://www.hercenter.org/. A couple things that we should do includes putting more effort into doing green chemistry for the medicines we make. We should also discourage “defensive medicine”, where doctors order unnecessary tests and procedures to avoid getting sued. These tests use resources and contribute to CO2 emissions, not to mention the extra money they cost.

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    I believe that the best way to make medicine more green and perhaps more effective for the patient, is to use start to integrate more natural medicine into conventional. I don’t think medicine would be quite as effective without either one, however with the way health care is practiced today, being all conventional, it is definitely not as effective as it could be if it has more integrated approach. This is difficult as it is hard to prove that many natural remedies work unless you have taken them, which leads to a catch 22 situation. This means that more research needs be done on the efficacy of natural medicine so that it can gain the authority and credibility that it deserves and so it can start to help people without the risk of side effects or dependency on medication without the risk of hurting the environment.

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