What can the superbowl do to be more green than it has been in the past?



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    So many things, where should I even start.  They could nix the fireworks show, it is pretty, but generally ends up just adding particulate matter to the air which is not good for humans to breathe and can have environmental effects as well.  Next, stop the giant confetti cannons raining down on the winning team.  This is a waste of paper/plastic or whatever they are made of, and it must be annoying for the sweaty athletes to have it stick to their faces.  Instead, perhaps they could just have some virtual fireworks, or short light show. 

    They could also mandate concessions use only recyclable or compostable cups, plates, napkins etc to reduce the amount of trash.  Scaling down the half time show would save energy, and not having a military fly over before the game would save gallons of jet fuel.  Now, some of these things may take away from the excitement of the superbowl, but isn’t it all about the commercials anyway (that is unless your team is in the game).

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    I like the foregoing of fireworks, and like China recently did they could do a virtual fireworks show instead.  Additionally, they should run advertisements (since there is such a huge turn-out for them) that encourage sustainability education and awareness.  I’m finding it extremely difficult to find people who participate in recycling programs, and when they do they often don’t know the right ways to recycle.  Why is there no large movement to teach people how?  Instead of requiring huge advertising fees to run the ad, they should make a philanthropist effort and donate a 30 second (or 2-3 of them) that spread awareness.  What a HUGE difference it would make!!

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