What can people in the United States do to help animals in Africa?



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    There is so much to be done! To start with, donations are always helpful. different foundations have varying levels of donations, beginning at membership levels and going all the way up to leadership, which allows you to donate to particular species, particular families, company-wide deductions, etc. But if you want a more hands-on approach, there are foundations that make it possible for you to work and/or volunteer in Africa. Volunteer Africa (http://www.projects-abroad.org) and Africa Volunteers Abroad (http://www.gviusa.com) are a couple of programs to start. I have included a few more links below. Hope this helps!

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    There are numerous organizations dedicated to the protection of endangered and at risk animal species in Africa.  To show your support you can help in a plethora of different ways and the African Wildlife Foundation lists these on their site.  You can simply donate to the program, as much as you might want, or pursue other options such as adopting an African animal, an acre of land in Africa or supporting one of the national parks.  You can even make a stock donation, a “gift of appreciated securities,” where you will be eligible for a tax charitable deduction.

    As this is only one of the programs focusing on conservation and protection of African animals, here are a few more groups you could check out:




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    If you’ve got some spare time on your hands, you could look at doing a volunteer project for a few weeks. A project like one of these: http://www.i-to-i.com/wildlife-volunteering-abroad.html?pagefilter=20, would give you the chance to make a hands-on difference. Donations are great but there’s no better way of ensuring your help goes to the right place than by going and doing it yourself; plus it would be an amazing experience!

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