What can people do with broken tennis rackets if they want to be green?



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    One option is to donate them. Many charitable organizations will accept broken rackets. Or you can try posting them on http://www.freecycle.org. I came across some clever suggestions such as: a rug beater, a sifter for getting leaves out of a pool or pond, or snow shoes. One other idea was to remove the strings and attach a bag and then use it to knock down and collect fruit from trees.

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    Broken tennis rackets can be made into abstract art. You can distort the frame into different shapes, apply some interesting colors and hang it on the wall as a memorabilia or art piece. You can take apart the materials and use it for other art projects like building a model or gadget. 

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    Besides what has already been suggested you can post them on craigslist or freecycle.org, where someone still might be interested in them even if they are broken. They can also be used as rug beaters, sieves, or bug swatters. 

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