what can our government do to prevent environmental issues?



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    Fund new environmental initiatives, and support those already in place!  Besides making sure existing wild lands like national parks are well cared for, the government can also create new areas from unused land.  Also, the government can pass laws limiting emissions from companies, give grants to support new environmentally-sound businesses, increase taxes on companies that pollute, create and implement programs like “cash for clunkers…”  really, the possibilities are endless.  Anything a person can do for the environment, a government can do tenfold, so when you’re voting (or your parents, or anyone in your life who votes) make sure that the candidate you’re supporting cares about the environment.  When people are committed and actually work, government can get things done…but, of course, that doesn’t always happen, and there are plenty of people who don’t want the short-term consequences of going green (like cutting back on emissions). 

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