What can old computer monitors be used for?



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    Good question! You can use your old computer monitor as a television. These days people seem to have a television in every room in their homes. Depending on the size of monitor you have lying around, you can stick them in almost any place. IN order to turn your monitor into a television, all you need is a conderter bos which you can find pretty cheaply on Ebay. You can also try a project, where you take your computer monitor and turn it into a fish tank. Follow the citation below to learn how to make a fish tank from your computer monitor!

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      Don’t try this, you could easily wind up dead.

      The capacitor that charges the computer and/or the tube can hold a lethal charge almost indefinitely. Macintoshes in particular have this issue. Touch the wrong place on the inside, and you’re meat.

      But that’s not the only way you could die. The insides of CRTs are lined with chemicals that, if they get into your blood stream, can kill you before you’d even be able to dial emergency on your cell phone.

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