What can occur if a forest is cut down and the soil is left bare?



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    Although the logging of any forest will result in a loss of indigenous flora and fauna, there are a number off additional consequences that occur when the land is left bare, the biggest being erosion and flooding. Besides filtering CO2 out of the air, root systems bind up water in the ground, keeping the soil most while absorbing excess. Without them and other groundcoverage, the water does not get absorbed or broken up, resulting in loss of topsoil and the aforementioned flooding.

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    In addition, deforestation is a huge cause of global warming – part of the effect of increased CO2 in the atmosphere.  Deforestation is one of the most devastating “man-made” environmental issues.  Deforestation also negatively affects wildlife dependent upon the foliage for food, the trees and deadfall for habitat, and even the insects that would live in and around the vegetation and be eaten by birds and mammals.  It’s all bad all around.

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