What can Obama do to help prevent global warming?



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    Gloabl warming is already happening, so it’s too late to “prevent” it, but there is a lot that can be done to slow or reverse it. Furthermore, even-though Obama is in a position of power, and it makes sense that it’s his responsibility to change things for the better, that’s not a good mindset to have; It’s truly up to us, not only to practice what we preach, but urge our leaders to act in our interests. Here are just a few things that we (including Omama) could do:

    • Reduce consumption of everyday products, which reduces greenhouse emissions in industry, as well as minimizing the need to transport those products long distances in large trucks. 
    • Urge leaders around the world to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and to take global warming seriously. 
    • Drive less, take public transportation, or drive more fuel efficient cars.
    • Paint our rooftops white, reducing the greenhouse effect (sounds strange, but by some estimates, would reduce global warming up to 70%.) 
    • Invest in clean energy, by purchasing solar panels, energy efficient appliances, eco-friendly products etc.
    • Recycle.
    • Have less children. That’s not mean, it’s reality. 
    • Teach conservation to family and friends; The best ways to spread ideas is by word-of-mouth.
    • Write to oil companies, corporations, congress and yes… Obama too.
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    Yes, in addition to the above response, I also want to point out that the effort to impede climate change should be undertaken by everyone in the world, not just the United States. The decisions made by our leaders are important, but it needs to be a joint effort on the international level. We all have to agree to combat this problem together, and that means the world’s leaders all have to be on the same page for this issue.

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    Put a price on carbon and help establish an international emission trading scheme.

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