What can Nutrition Science teach us about the climate?



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    One topic found within the study of Nutrition Science is the propagation of healthy crops and the manufacture of food. Regarding climate, scientists can learn a great deal from the crops, fruit and vegetables they are able to grow in specific areas, in terms of rainfall, soil health and other factors. Nutrition science also teaches us about climate change; experts agree that if we eat less, and pay more for the organic food we purchase, that we can greatly cut down on the adverse effects of climate change

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    Nutrition science has quite a bit to offer in terms of what we know about past climate conditions as well as how we can tackle current issues surrounding climate change.  Historically analyzing dietary patterns from different regions can reveal a lot about what the climate was like.  Things like what foods were able to be grown in certain regions and at what time can allow scientists to glean information about climate patterns over sustained periods of time.  In the present, dietitians can advise people on healthy eating habits that can also benefit the environment.  Things like shopping locally to reduce food miles and eating organically to reduce chemical output in the environment are all things nutritional science can teach us about the relationship our food and eating habits have with our impacts on climate change.  Below is a good editorial covering some of the issues linking nutrition and diet with climate change.

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