What can Marylands center for social value teach us about our global impact?



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    Well, this is difficult to answer because I think it depends on what your interaction with the Center is. Basically, the Social Value Creation as they call it, brings together various leaders to offer them courses in culture, ethics, business, environmental impacts, social impacts, etc. SVC isn’t in itself a research body, it is more a teaching outlet for individuals willing to learn about various concepts related to social equity.

    So it could teach you a lot of things, in theory, if you were a student. In terms of contributing general knowledge to the world, this is not necessarily the initiative of the project. Many universities already offer similar courses to those that SVC offers, and many other universities are working continuously to research and develop new content in these subject areas (e.g. UC Davis), content that could actually modify and contribute to our current knowledge on our global impact.

    If you are looking for new content that we don’t already know, then SVC may not be the right option (especially in terms of environmental or social impact, since it is an addendum to an MBA), whereas if you are looking to expand your own knowledge, than maybe it is.

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