What can I use rabbit poop for?



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    You can collect rabbit feces and create rabbit manure. This manure contains a great deal of nitrogen and phosphorus. This makes it a good manure for growing flowers and fruit.

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    Rabbit poop is among the best organic fertilizers you can get.  Rabbit manure has an NPK value of 2.4-1.4-0.6, very high for an animal manure, so it provides all the macronutrients plants need. It carries no parasites that can infect humans.

    The nitrogen content is high enough to burn plant roots, so it should be mixed into the soil as a side-dressing along the row, not close to the plants.  Rabbit droppings are also an excellent addition to compost piles.  Add them as part of a thin green layer and make sure you layer in brown materials below and above them in the pile.  

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