What can I use old packaging peanuts for?



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    The links below provide some great suggestions. Here are some of my favorites:

    -Place packing peanuts in plastic bags on top of ice in a cooler. The peanuts will keep everything colder for longer.

    -String packing peanuts instead of popcorn for a fun holiday/birthday decoration

    -Place packing peanuts on the tips of sharp tools (scissors, screwdrivers, etc.) to keep them from being too terribly dangerous

    -Use them to support dried flower arrangements

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    If you want a somewhat obvious answer, you can save the packing peanuts and reuse them when you have to send a package to someone.  In general, packing peanuts are something that could be used for a variety of different things around the house that might need fixing or something done.  The choices are virtually endless, so there’s no right answer.

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    You can also drop them off with the Plastic Loose Fill Council. They have over 1500 collection sites in the U.S. and will pick up unwanted polystyrene packaging for reuse.

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    You can use them as toe separators for pedicures!


    I love the ideas above…. i had no idea they could do so much. Great question!

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