what can I use for glue for Fabric?



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    The second link below has a step-by-step description of how to make fabric glue out of water, gelatin, white vinegar, and glycerin. However, using a store-bought glue would probably be easiest.

    Most craft stores sell eco-friendly glues specifically designed to be used on fabrics. However, I’d advise staying away from spray adhesives because they’re unhealthy for both you and the environment. Another interesting option is using fabric interfacing. If you set two fabrics with interface in the middle, then you can use heat to fuse them together. Using fabric glue would probably be your best option. And when buying fabric glue, remember that the strongest adhesives are usually slowest to dry.

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    It depends on what you’re trying to glue to the fabric—are you putting two pieces of fabric together? Fabric on wood? Fabric on metal? Some other material? I have had a lot of success with fabric on fabric and fabric on cardboard by diluting Elmer’s craft glue in water. If you use the glue by itself, it tends to make the fabric stiff and soak through, leaving an unsightly residue. Diluting it with water helps to decrease both of these results and give you a clean seal. If you’re applying fabric to any kind of non-fabric surface, especially wood and even cardboard, it can help to rough the surface a little bit with a piece of sandpaper to help provide more texture for the fabric to adhere to.

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