What can I use to clean my yoga mat instead of those pricey specialty sprays?



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    It looks like most of the “official” yoga mat cleaners are trying to sell you an expensive spray of transcendence.  Two environmentally friendly and less expensive methods are vinegar or vodka.  You can mix 1 part white vinegar or vodka with 1 part water in a spray bottle for a great cleaner.  Both options help release dirt and oils which can be wiped away with a cloth.  As for the smell, once the mixture dries the aroma dissipates and you are left with a clean fresh mat.

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    Believe it or not, washing you yoga mat in the washing machine is also a great way to get the job done.  I’ve always used my machine to wash my mat.  I use my regular eco-friendly detergent and make sure to remove the mat before the spin cycle starts.  Then just hang it over your balcony or roll it in a towel to dry it out.  

    Namaste Friend 🙂

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