What can I store food in that isn’t plastic to make it last?

I realize it won’t last as long, and specifically, cheese and bread.



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    It isn’t quite as versatile as plastic, but glass “tupperware” is a great way to store food. A great thing about using glass food storage is that it doesn’t have BPA and also can be used safely in the microwave (just remember to remove the top). 

    If you run a google search for “glass food storage” you will see there are tons of options.

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    You can use glass containers and they should keep your perishable foods as fresh as a plastic container would. There are glass food storage containers made from recycled materials and it shouldn’t be hard to find a company which makes them locally. Some come with plastic lids, but you can opt not to buy that kind if you prefer not to. They will also last longer than a plastic container, provided you do not drop or break them. 

    Here is a link to a green website with a variety of glass container options to choose from:


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    Glass seems like the next best option as it is just as sturdy and long-lasting as plastic, provided you take care of it. According to this page, glass actually preserves freshness much better than plastic does. I would assume this means glass containers also prevent smells from other foods in your refrigerator to seep into your stored food. Moreover, you can microwave your food with a glass container without concerning yourself over chemicals that might leach from it. It may also be better for the environment because people go through glass containers more slowly than they do with plastic containers.

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    I like to use pyrex glass containers. Not only do I use them to store large amounts of food, but I also use them to store individual portions to take to work. They are great because they don’t stain, they don’t add a weird plastic smell, and you don’t need to worry about microwaving in them. You can also store food in the pot you used to cook in or you can use a mixing bowl if you have one with a top.

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