what can I recycle



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    The website attached is a comprehensive guide of what can and cannot be recycled. Basically, what can be recycled includes plastics, cans, glass, aluminum, paper, and cardboard. Old batteries, electronics, and appliances can be recycled but must be taken to a center that can handle them.

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    It is important to check with your local recycling company.  When a company gets too many non-recyclables in their recycling bin they can end up throwing the whole thing away.  Some cities have recycling centers for plastics 1-7 and some only accept 1 & 2.  A quick call or e-mail to your recycling center will help you figure out how and what to recycle so you can minimize your trash.

    Also, don’t forget about things like old clothes, or items you no longer want or need.  Most cities have a clothing or gently used item resale store. By donating your unwanted items you can get a tax writeoff, clear out your basement and let someone get a bargain.

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    Be sure to check with your local recycling company. Some places limit the items that can be recycled and may have special rules for separation of the items. In general, plastics, newspaper, cans, tin, and white paper can all be recycled.

    You also “recycle” organic matter like skins for fruits and veggies in a compost bin in your yard.

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